Sri Sanjeevi Rayar Temple – Ayyangar Kulam, Kanchipuram

Sri Sanjeevi Rayar Temple – Ayyangar Kulam, Kanchipuram

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About the location (from Wiki):

The celebrated Hanuman temple in Ayyangar Kulam has an illustrious history. From the historical background of the temple it is known that the temple was originally built by a great scholar and administrator named Kotikanyadanam Lakshmikumara Tatacharya. The temple itself and the village were named following the name of this great scholar Tatacharya, who was then popularly known as Ayyangar. The architecture of the temple of Sri Sanjeevi Temple depicts the Vijayanagara style as the essential feature. The structural design of the shrine is the striking feature of the architecture. A big temple complex houses only one sanctum enshrining the image of hanuman is a unique architectural feature of the temple.



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