Alamparai Fort – Mamallapuram

Alamparai Fort – Mamallapuram

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About the location (from Wiki):

The ruins of Alamparai Fort (also called Alampara) lie near Kadapakkam, a village 50 km from Mamallapuram on the land overlooking the sea. Constructed in the late 17th century during the Mughal era, the Alamparai Fort once had a 100-metre long dockyard stretching into the sea, from which zari cloth, salt, and ghee were exported. During 1735 AD it was ruled by Nawab Doste Ali Khan. In 1750, for the services rendered by the famous french commander Duplex to Subedar Muzarfarzang, the fort was gifted to the French. When French were defeated by the British, the fort was captured and destroyed in 1760 AD. More recently the structure was damaged in the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake. Presently it is a picturesque and serene spot with backwaters and cool sand. Local fishermen assist tourists in a pleasurable boating experience around the fort. The fort can be reached on driving down the East Coast Road, about 100 kilometers from Chennai and 50 kilometers from Pondicherry.







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September 14th, 2010 at 8:51 AM

wud lik to mention here that.. there are a few scenes in the movie – MAY MADHAM, shot in this place.. somewhere in the 2nd half or somthing.

and there is another location on my mind – there is a scene in Kannathil muthamittal, where the small girl strikes a conversation with a stranger in a wheel chair while madhavan is busy giving lecture in a hall opposite the park, the movie shows the place as SRILANKA.. but the park is in Pondicherry, somewhere opposite JIPMER campus. and the pondichery entrance tower has been shot in adaatha aatamellam song in surya’s movie, i 4got the movie name.. bring in the 2 places in this site :)



September 14th, 2010 at 8:52 AM

hi.. nice a movie buff and love this website.. i thought i ll suggest some more places to be googled-

1. suttum vizhi chudare song from ghajini.. dance, tune and the place.. all 3 r awesom. i tried googling for the location, but google dosnt seem to understand wat i want. u can try finding out though.

2. sivaji the boss – style song has been shot somewhere in UK, i 4got the place. try finding that too.

3. indian film – telephone manipol song, a part of it has been shot in sydney, opera house, but there are some more of the sequences, like the kamal walking down the street, with manisha, and a group of soldiers with guns – that place, and few more places in the song – the kangaroo and the zoo place, gus its somewher in oz.

4. and how can we 4get the PUNNAGAI MANNAN FALLS…?? dats an awesome location, and maniratnams raavanan was also shot there.. the scene where prabhu sits with vikram and they talk about aishwarya being a brave women..

5. chalakudy falls or punnagai mannan falls, was also captured by rajiv menon, for guru movie, narumugaye song in iruvar, oru deivam thantha poove song for kannathil muthamital etc.

6. another locale is – from chandramukhi movie – konja neram konja neram song, am not sure where it was shot, probably somewhere in greece

7. another shooting locale, not in a song, but in movie – Sillunu oru kadhal, few portions were shot in TNAU, agri university in Coimbatore. also the new movie, Inidhu Inidhu had majority of the shooting done in VIT campus.

8. many songs and many movies had its shooting done in Ramaoji rao film city… i had visited the place once, and the tourist guide there, showed us a Palace set, and said, the Chandramukhi ghost house was THIS.. i even have a photo of that set, but it dosnt completely resemble the chandramukhi banglow.

9. there are a few scenes in a movie, i remember one Ajith Movie – title of the movie starts with A.. forgot the movie name. it has a govt general hospital scene and it was shot in Ramoji film city. i hav a pic of that too.

10. lots of duet songs have been shot in the garden (called brindavan garden i gus in film city) in R.R.Film city.. right from that meena rajini song in yejaman.

11. i just caught up with a very old Black and White tamil movie called – Noothuku Nooru, starring Jaishankar, Nagesh, Lakshmi, YG Mahendran.. there is a song in the movie, where they go on a college tour, and that song was shot in BRINDAVAN GARDEN mysore..

12. lots of other songs have been shot in brindavan garden mysore, we can jst dig up some more movies and songs.

13. also there are a few sequences in yethi yethi song from VA, shot in Neppiar Bridge in chennai, also that place has been captured even in some other recent movie which i cant recollect..

14. duet song in VV kamal movie, has shot the night life or atleast glimpses of streets of new york in Vennilave velli velli nilave song, esp the one, where kamal and jo sit and have dinner in an open-area restaurant, followed by the walk down the street.. shot in NY.. same song, also features an indoor place, looks like a railway station or something (when jo keeps searching for kamal)

wil get bak with more later.. :)



September 15th, 2010 at 4:04 PM

May Maadham – has been a long time since we saw the movie. Will have to watch it again to spot this location.

The scene from Kannathil Muthamittal – if it is a park in Pondicheery, it should be Bharathi Park which is where the tower that you are talking about is located. The name of the tower is Aayi Mandapam and thanks to your comment, we found out that the Aadaatha Aattamellaam song was shot near that mandapam. Will do a post on it very soon.


September 29th, 2011 at 1:50 AM

Never knew that this place has so many interesting thigs to see. Must explore..


May 15th, 2012 at 11:14 AM



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